Happy Christmas and New Year from everyone at Under One Cloud!

We hope you are spending the time to relax and are staying safe after an exhausting and tragic year.
We also hope that you and your business are staying safe online, as unfortunately the cyber-grinches have been out in force this holiday season, and huge numbers of businesses and organizations have had their systems compromised! Don’t let them ruin your Christmas, so look over our cyber security tips here:

1) Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) before signing onto any device.
2) Train employees about the latest threats.
3) Use a password manager instead of the same password for everything.
4) Configure Anti-Virus and Firewalls properly to isolate threats before getting to users or devices.
5) Backup – Files, Email, Databases, Servers, Websites. No backups = No recovery.
6) Regularly review security and make a recovery plan.

We would also help you start 2021 with a new, fresh start by offering you a FREE consultation, to help you streamline your systems and improve your cyber security. Call us now and arrange your consultation now.
We wish you the very best of New Years and hope you stay safe online and off! Best wishes from everyone here at the team ?