UOC Activity Tracker, now available to all our customers

Keeping track of productivity in our new WFH world can be a daunting task. Gone are the days of being able to see all your staff in an office space and check in with the regularly. Most companies now allow some form of remote working, but how can you be sure all of your staff are being as productive as they say they are being?

There are limited features to monitor staff productivity within the standard workplace cloud systems that are on offer. Yes you can track Microsoft Teams status, how active an employee is in Microsoft Teams, If that employee is completing their tasks. But what if your employees are doing the bare minimum to complete the tasks and just relaxing the rest of the time? Do you want to know if you could be giving them more tasks, and more responsibility, thus growing your company faster?

Then there’s the ‘trust’ question. If I track my employees, will they question my trust in them to do a good job. Another word for trust in our view is accountability. Tracking, keeps employees accountable to what they have said they have done during the working day. Key metrics such as keyboard input, websites visited, applications worked on, for each day give you live feedback to that accountability score. The more they hit their metrics, the less you have to check up on them and the more trust you can give.

Furthermore tracking has become more than just accountability to your employees. Tracking is keeping your business safe and ensuring that your data doesn’t become compromised. All of our customer systems, in some form, adopts Microsoft 365 device management. This means there are strict device settings that are designed to keep devices safe.

Employees who start using their work devices as personal devices are the ones that pose the most risk. Using corporate devices outside of working hours to access personal content is a huge risk to corporate data. Tracking enables you to see who is using their device for unauthorised systems, so that you can better protect your organisation in the future.


What do you think of device tracking? 


If you want to try hit out, contact us for a free 14 day trial.