Cyber crime is growing. It’s a serious issue in the tech industry and it isn’t going to just go away. Businesses and individuals have to now equip themselves with tools to protect their private and commercial data.

Fortunately there are a mixture of tools and tips to help everyone stay safe online. 

At Under One Cloud, we take Cyber Security seriously. We introduce our clients to technology which can help protect their businesses and train their staff.

Cyber crime is constantly growing and evolving. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated by the day and more and more companies are falling victim to attacks.

Under One Cloud have 6 tips which help keep your business safe.

We call them #CYBER6TIPS.

We employ these security practices with our clients to help protect their businesses and ensure we prevent, contain and can restore service in the even of attack.


1) Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) before signing onto any device.


2) Train employees about the latest threats.


3) Use a password manager instead of the same password for everything.


4) Configure Anti-Virus and Firewalls properly to isolate threats before getting to users or devices.


5) Backup – Files, Email, Databases, Servers, Websites.
No backups = No recovery.

6) Regularly review security and make a recovery plan.