1. It’s not just for chat

Of course, using the chat function in Teams to have collaborative conversations with your colleagues is a hugely useful resource. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Want to share a file? With teams, you could now just add it in the chat, call or video your colleague up and discuss it in the shared window. Done!

Or schedule a meeting for later… chat’s integration with other Microsoft products like OneNote and Office makes it all so simple. With Teams you don’t need to switch between office apps anymore… saving so much time and annoyance.

2. Alleviating the headache of meetings

Preparing for meetings can be a fruitless endeavour. You have to set the agenda (that’s one email), and then agree on what’s going to be actioned (that’s another). What if you need to review a file? Where was that again? Somewhere deep in your inbox?

Meetings in Teams is orders of magnitude easier. As soon as the meeting is created, you can start chatting with the invitees about the agenda, share files that you need them to look at, and keep track of the meeting notes and to do lists. You can even check who everyone is and see who the random person is you don’t know.

When the meeting is over, the recording of the call becomes available immediately in the same tab, so if you couldn’t make the meeting, you don’t need to hunt for the recording, its there waiting for you, with all the meeting notes and things to action.

3. Say goodbye to endless emails

No doubt you are constantly drowning in emails. Using Teams effectively can cut your emails in half, as most internal emails can be replaced! As conversations are now held in a full, structured way in your Teams, you no longer have to contend with endless email chains that may not even be relevant to you.

In the past, if somebody needs to send you a file, or ask you a quick question, they would have to email you. No more!

4. Collaboration and Communication made easy

Every aspect of Teams is integrated with Office 365, so there is no need to switch apps when you are looking to collaborate on a document. You can now create your document in Teams, whatever type it is. After that you can immediately share it with your colleagues, who can then collaborate on right away.

Teams brings an end to sharing different versions via email and the inevitable version confusion. What’s more, you can add various comments to the document, and chat with your co-workers to discuss and work on the document in real time.

5. Wherever you are, you are connected

If you are on the move, you will be able to stay connected, be reachable and have access your entire organization’s resources. With the Teams app on your phone, you have full and immediate ability to access to all your apps and documents. You can reply to various chats and conversations, vital meetings are just a click away, so you can continue to participate. So even on the move, you are kept completely in the loop. With Teams the world opens up to you, whether you are on the train, working from home or sat at a beach café, its all there for you!