Here are our favourite security features that we deploy to all our customers!


First up, MFA! MFA stands for Multi Factor Authentication.

This is a great security feature that means every login to your IT system is authenticated by you. This is very important to prevent compromised passwords. When your password becomes compromised within 365 due to a hack, there is usually very little warning. A hacker with your username and password can simply login to your systems undetected.

All you need is an app like Microsoft Authenticator on your phone to approve or deny login requests.


Next, Conditional Access. Conditional access may sound complicated but it is actually a really great way to secure company assets. Once you get to grips with the rules and conditions it allows you to build walls between your company data and the outside world. We use conditional access to ensure that only registered devices can access company information. This means each device has to conform to a management profile being installed on that device. The management profile draws an invisible box around the applications you choose to make accessible to staff. This allows you to control everything that happens with these apps and the data accessed through them.


Finally, ATP (Advanced Threat Protection). Microsoft like their acronyms!

Most companies like to boast that they sell a product called Microsoft 365 Business Premium because it comes with Advanced Threat Protection.

We find a lot of IT companies ‘assume’ these features are turned on by default and they do nothing to ensure the features are actually running.

We configure all of our ATP policies based on our customers unique requirements. You’ll know if ATP is setup properly by looking for these key signs:

ATP Safe Links : All links in emails are replaced with…¬†etc

ATP Document Scanning : When you receive a document it will say ‘ATP scan in progress’

ATP Phishing : A warning will appear at the top of your email informing you the sender may be different.

ATP Spam : We quarantine harmful messages and clients receive quarantine alerts to release safe emails themselves.


Are you seeing any of these features?


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That’s all for this week!