Meet now from your Calender

It’s now possible to create an instant meeting by using the Meet now button at the top of your Calendar. If you want a meeting to start—and generate a shareable link—click Meet now.  You can give the meeting a unique name,  then choose Get a link to share or Start meeting to start now. If you choose Start meeting, you will jump into a meeting there and then and invite others to join.

Recapping meetings

Teams can now provide a recap of Teams meetings for people (including those not present) to review a past meeting. This includes a recording, transcript, chat, shared files, and is automatically shared in the meeting chat tab and can be viewed in the details tab of the meeting invite. If you organised the meeting, you can also find the attendance report here.

Breakout rooms

More and more organisations are conducting large meetings online and people are looking for ways to encourage meaningful discussions. Because of this, there’s a need for large groups break out into smaller groups for more engaging conversations. This has been possible in other apps, like Zoom.

Happily, you can now do the same with breakout rooms in Teams meetings. To learn more about how to do this via the Windows or Mac desktop app, have a look at this handy guide: Use breakout rooms in Teams meetings.

Pause and resume presentations

If you have stopped presenting a set of slides and need to share them again, or you and a colleague are working together on a bigger presentation, Teams now makes this easy. You and anyone else with access to the files in the meeting can stop or pause a PowerPoint presentation and resume again from the same point. When you go to share your screen in a meeting, choose the PowerPoint file you want to present and the next time it’s shared in the meeting, you’ll have the option to resume the presentation from wherever you were, or start from the beginning.

All the teams you want

Now everyone gets as many teams as they could possibly want; there’s no more cap on how many your organisation can create. This gives you the freedom of unlimited teams, allowing you to work in the way that works best for you and your colleagues.

Managing your company tasks

You can now create and track work for your entire organization with task publishing in the Tasks app. If you are an owner or manage a team, you can learn more on task publishing at Manage the Tasks app for your organization in Microsoft Teams.

The new Approval app is here

The Approvals app in Teams allows you to streamline any requests with colleagues, employees and partners. You can create requests and see ones sent to you with ease, and access any previous requests from one place. For more info, have a look at the following video: What is Approvals? – Office Support (