Here are our top 5 tips for 2022 WFH

1) If you haven’t already – move your IT systems to the cloud for a better ‘Work From Home’ experience. This will instantly improve productivity and allow you to plug your systems into more tools to improve your workflow. We recommend Microsoft 365 and provide a fully outsourced service with migration.

2) Use Microsoft Teams for chat, meetings, working on projects, collaboration, lists, planning, files, phone calls and much much more. Its an amazing tool that keeps getting better every month with the Microsoft roadmap.

3) Microsoft OneNote. Not many organisations use Microsoft OneNote, because many don’t know how to use it in their organisation. OneNote for us is used as a place to write down ideas, plan our marketing, organise our content and store shared information. Many companies use Excel but OneNote is easily a more intuitive and productive place to visualise your data.

4) Calendar Sharing. Have you ever needed an extra calendar or permissions to another calendar to prevent double booking resources? Creating more resourceful calendars in our business has really transformed the way that we operate and allows people in the business to see what is happening throughout the week or month.

5) Regular meetings. People still love to have a good catch up even when they are working remotely. Make sure that your teams and staff have a regular catch up each week and ensure that there is a proper agenda so your staff know that this is a time they can bring up issues or ideas. The top video conferencing tools even have breakout rooms so that you can split off into teams or have dedicated meetings with your manager straight after a central meeting.


Need some more ideas about the best tools to use within Microsoft 365?

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