Here are our favourite new features that have been announced this past week in the Microsoft weekly rollup!


 First up, OneDrive for Business is now capable of handling files up to 250Gb in size!

This is a huge increase compared to the previous limit of 100Gb. It also begs the question; who is trying to store 250Gb files in their OneDrive anyway – we’ve never seen it. We work with creators, media and brand experts but the file limit has never been an issue. It may also be an eye opener for things to come within the Microsoft ecosystem. Are Microsoft about to boost their data storage limits within OneDrive beyond 1Tb…


Next, MacOS Notifications for Teams. In the past you have only been able to see notifications for Teams through the MacOS Teams app. Now though, you can configure notifications to filter through the native notifications tray on your Mac. No more interruptions when you have your notifications turned to do not disturb. This update will be available by the end of March 2021.


Finally, a new Planner update. We’ve been integrating more of our workflows into Microsoft Planner & To Do to ensure deadlines are met and people are accountable to the tasks assigned to them. Microsoft are releasing a new update that allows documents to be assigned to Planner tasks. Essentially our engineers can be assigned tasks with sign off sheets attached which are digitally completed and submitted when signed.¬†


That’s all for this week!